Tuesday, August 08, 2006

LIEberman decides to run Independent

For the 'Zionist Israel Israel Israel party'. Because the Democrats are too "secularist" and "liberal" for him and his flag waving possie of Israel First goyim familiars.

Ancient Order of the Bagel Eaters Up to the Same Old Same Old

Honorable Rabbi: Shumuley Dollargrab-Miserkike
Oy veh! Amalek doesn't like our war!
Such disrespect, that we have given them the right to die with honor.
That they don't want to be killed by those goyim arabs, their bodies collected, and drained of blood for our purim cakes! That's why no coffins in the media, they might get the wrong idea when we are the first to arive to smell fresh goyim gold, red gold! They're blood gets savored on our chosen tongues, to be an honor I tell you. Mmm, young Goyim blood, so sweet, not a drop wasted.

The war must go on!